April 28, 2010

Kimono for Wedding 婚礼衣裳レンタル&着付け

Futari Red Flowers s


The wedding day is probably the highlight in a woman’s
life for kimono. With our traditional wedding kimono rental
and a professional dressing and care, you will make an 
unforgettable wedding day...It is also nice to have a photo
wedding only with your partner. 
Please contact us for a reservation.

Photo by Bain Coffman

Shiromuku Wataboshi s

#1 白無垢 (Shiromuku 1)      #2 白無垢 (Shiromuku 2)
Shiromuku 1sTsuno kakushi 1s

#3 四季の花々と鶴 赤(Flowers and Cranes Red)

e: AR-SA;">Auspicious front s

Auspicious back s





#4 四季の花々と鶴 ゴールド (Flowers and Cranes Gold)
Gold Flowers front sGold Flowers back s

#5 桜と鶴 (Cherry blossom and Cranes)
Sakura Crane front sSakura Crane back s

#6 唐花 赤&黒 (Flowers Red&Black)
Red Flowers front sRed Flowers side s

 ピンク掛下 (Pink inner kimono)  
Pink kakeshita s

#7 白打掛 桜 (White Sakura)
White Sakura s

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